Recent News
  • 2011.05 BDRL has initiated "Summer of Robotics" program for UG students.
  • 2010.08 Tuğba Yıldız successfully defended her MSc. thesis.
  • 2009.08 Cihan Öztürk successfully defended his MSc. thesis.
  • 2009.07 Ömür Arslan successfully defended his MSc. thesis.
  • 2009.06 Our new Tübitak proposal was funded with project number 109E032.
  • 2009.06 BDRL welcomes new members on board.
  • 2009.01 We moved! We now have a new, much larger lab at EA229.


Bilkent Dexterous Robotics and Locomotion (BDRL) Group

Our research group focuses on scalable programming methods for achieving fast, efficient and autonomous locomotion with legged robots.

Inspired by examples in nature, we use simple dynamic models to capture essential properties of primitive locomotory behaviors. Embedded within legged robot designs equipped with a sufficient sensory suite but simple and robust enough for autonomous operation, we build physical realizations of these primitive behaviors suitable for outdoor use. Finally, we combine methods from formal logic and theoretical computer science with tools offered by continuous control towards scalable programming formalisms for goal-oriented autonomous composition of behavioral primitives.

A secondary goal of our laboratory is to advance the current level of expertise in Turkey related to the design and deployment of novel autonomous robot systems.

NEW: BDRL is now leading various summer projects on robotics for UG students. For more information about “BDRL’s Summer of Robotics” please follow this link.

BDRL Members

Top Row: Tolga Özaslan, Etkin Barış Özgül, Sıtar Kortik
Middle Row: Deniz Kerimoğlu, Utku Çulha, Salim Sarımurat, Bilal Turan, Uluç Saranlı
Bottom Row: Ömür Arslan, İsmail Uyanık, Tuğba Yıldız, Özlem Gür, Ali Nail İnal
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